What hits harder? The Power of the Punch

What hits harder? The Power of the Punch

When you look through history in both Boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) you can see the effect a punch can have on an opponent. This article will look at actually how powerful a pro-boxers punch is drawing upon the famous power of Mike Tyson and of the two fighters in the upcoming super fight in Las Vegas. It will also show the science behind how the power in a punch is generated by boxers and MMA fighters. The latest odds on the Mayweather v McGregor fight can be found here.

The science behind punching force is fairly simple. It comes down to Impulse and momentum and the relationship between them. The formula being impulse = momentum which means producing force quickly = moving mass quickly. To put simply the speed of a punch and the force that occurs off an opponent’s body due to the impact. Punching power of course varies from fighter to fighter with the heavier fighters having more power unless you look at a few freak punchers such as current champion Golovkin.

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When looking through time Mike Tyson will certainly make the list as one of the most dangerous punchers to have walked the earth. His devastating power led for his meteoric rise at such a young age to the pinnacle of the sport. Research showed that his punching power in his prime was four times more powerful that the average man meaning this has a big chance of causing serious damage. Another scary truth is that his punch was the equivalent of hitting a car windscreen at 50mph or even being hit by a 16lb sledgehammer at 35mph. These stark comparisons just show the sheer power that will forever keep Tyson in people’s minds as one of the most dangerous fighters to have graced the game.

When looking at Mayweather and McGregor it comes as no surprise to find out that McGregor packs more of a punch. Not only the fact that he is a much bigger individual than Mayweather but he is renowned for his punching power. Compared to Mayweather who hasn’t had a Knockout victory since his controversial win over Victory Ortiz back in 2011. Sports science did a study looking into their punching power.

Conor McGregor

McGregor has shown one punch Knockout power such as his 13 second victory over Aldo that shocked the world. The way he punches is rooted behind is technique and on average has 850 pounds of force per punch. This is the equivalent of being hit by a 10 pound sledgehammer at 20 miles an hour. Nothing like the power of Tyson but can still deliver serious damage to his opponents.

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Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather will go down as not only one the greatest boxers in history but also possibly the best of all when it comes to the art of defense. Mayweather is always said by many that he has no punching power but the stats show that it is actually not that much different to McGregor which will come as a surprise. The findings showed that his power on average has 814 pounds of force so only 36 pounds less than his upcoming opponent.

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